Lantis Communications Platform will keep your calls, texts, images and videos secure from prying eyes.

Lantis provides you with a complete platform for communication that is secure, private and discrete.

LANTIS suite of communication tools:

  1. Direct messaging with expiry timers: messages that automatically delete themselves after an expiry time you set.
  2. SMS  that you can send to any mobile number worldwide.
  3. In-App audio calling
  4. In-App video calling
  5. The vault for storage of sensitive media, images, text and video which are stored OFF YOUR DEVICE.
  6. Reminders to delete content from contacts that may be sensitive.

Know that everything you send through LANTIS is safe from prying eyes and sensitive items are stored OFF your device and are only accessible to you.

LANTIS  communication platform secures your data using :

  1. Biometrics login (Face Detection, Finger Print Detection or PIN # depending on device).
  2. The app conceals itself in plain sight. When you open the Lantis app it looks like a utilities app to mask its purpose before you access the login screen.
  3. The vault will  store images, videos and text messages in a protected folder OFF your device that ONLY you can access.

Privacy and security of Your Data is the goal of LANTIS in this increasingly cyber-attack driven world. How to secure your data and personal information is the question ?

LANTIS  is the answer !

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